Golf Dresses For Women – Useful Information

Golf Dresses For Women – Useful Information

It would be pertinent to mention that women golfers are subject to strict dress code and the codes keep changing every now and then. Recently, LPGA has come out with a new dress code and the moment it was made known to the world, there are mixed opinions about it. One side of people was happy and satisfied with it while the other half had reservations and was upset about it. Some big names like Paige Spiranac and Charley Hull were quite upset about it and had their own reservations about the new dress code. But some name like Madeleine Winnet had a few things good to say about it. So it would be interesting to know about the new dress code whether it is a white golf skirt or some other types of dressing. Let us try and put various perceptions in print. We are not mentioning the names against each such opinion but we are sure it will give a general idea as to what is the general mood all about.

The Positive Of The Story

There are some famous golfers who believe that it makes a lot of sense to give an okay to the new dress code. They are of the opinion that the new dress code has been designed and decided to take into account the varying needs and requirements of different generations. The high tops and joggers are liked by many and the younger generations, in particular, are quite happy about it. But, there are some of the older generation women golfers who do not seem too enthused about it. Many small golf clubs were expressing their reservations with the dress code for women and they particularly were unhappy about the knee sized skirts which they felt was sexist in nature.

Some Important Takeaways

It would be pertinent to mention that there are some important takeaways when one looks and the positive and negative feedback of the dress code that is being put in force. Most of them believe that golf will have better acceptability only when it has a dress code that is in line with the day to day dress habits. It would be wrong to pressurize women to wear a certain type of dress just because they happen to play the game. At the same time, most of them agree that the ladies golf jackets dresses should be appropriate and should not be something that is frowned upon or makes people uncomfortable when they are watching the game.

Some Changes Are Perhaps Required

With yoga becoming a popular fitness regimen, many women insist that yoga pants should be made a part of the golfing circuit. Here again, the opinions are divided. While one group feels that it is not appropriate, the younger generation is of the belief that yoga pants are decent and therefore there is nothing wrong in wearing it.

The Final Word

In fine, it would be pertinent to mention that there are quite a few things that need to be sorted out as far as womens golf clothes are concerned. It has to move with time while being appropriate given the fact that the game will be watched live by scores of supporters.

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