The Best Tools of the Trade for Locksmiths

The Best Tools of the Trade for Locksmiths

Learning the Best Techniques and Tools of the Trade for Locksmiths in Oklahoma City There are many skills and equipment needed explicitly to be a successful locksmith. Successful locksmiths receive the best training available and seek knowledge from training courses that teach them the basics they need to work with locks. Ensuring locksmiths have high-quality tools is an essential part of the overall outcome. 


Locksmithing Tools 

High-quality tools such as hook picks, bolt cutters, torsion wrenches and bump keys play an important role. These types of tools ensure that each locksmith is equipped with the right tools to unlock doors safely. 


Hook Pick

A hook pick is used for picking a lock. These picks are the most common tools carried by locksmiths. These types of devices are often the first go-to that locksmiths use when they are attempting to unlock a door. A hook pick can differ in size and design to work with different types of locks. Hook picks typically come in a set with more than one size. These tools are part of the absolute basics needed to unlock a door successfully. 


Bolt Cutter

Another standard tool used for locksmiths is a bolt cutter. Bolt cutters are used for locks that jam or if a key is lost. When locksmiths need to open a padlock, they often use a bolt cutter. Using a bolt cutter to open a padlock allows the locksmith easy access to open the door. Bolt cutters must be used with caution in order to avoid damage to the surrounding property. For this reason, locksmiths are trained on the best ways to use this tool. Locksmiths receive training to use tools safely and effectively.


Torsion Wrench

Torsion wrenches are also standard tools carried by locksmiths. Locksmiths carry torsion wrenches to pick a lock. Torsion wrenches are used to keep all the pins in place once they have been lifted from the lock. The torsion wrenches help the lock to fully open and therefore allows the locksmith to open the door completely. Torsion wrenches are used in combination with other tools.


Bump Keys

Bump keys are needed to complete jobs successfully. Bump keys are typically used to open simple locks. Bump keys can be used on many different simple locks where complicated tools are not needed. 


General Tools

As with every job, the tools vary upon the lock. Every lock is different and presents a different challenge each time a job starts. In addition, to bump keys for simple locks, power tools are also used to install a new lock. When locksmiths install a new lock, they may use power tools to complete the installation process. Locksmiths typically have a tool belt or toolbox with all the tools necessary to complete a variety of jobs. Locksmiths must be prepared at all times for all different types of jobs. Each OKC locksmith must have a variety of picking devices, power tools, and wrenches to unlock each door successfully.

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