Things To Consider Before Going In For Bone Marrow Transplant

Things To Consider Before Going In For Bone Marrow Transplant

Bone marrow transplant is considered to be one of the better options when it comes to treating various forms of cancer, including lymphoma, leukemia, etc. When a person suffers from cancer, he or she is exposed to high-dose chemotherapy. It works much better than the standard dose and kills cancer cells quite effectively. However, in the process, it also wipes out the bone marrow. Bone marrow is the place where healthy red blood cells, white blood cells, and healthy platelets are formed. Hence, a bone marrow transplant becomes necessary for patients suffering from cancer and also for those who have gone through high dosage chemotherapy. Bone marrow transplant is one of the many attempts to bring in normalcy to the patient once the cancer-causing cells have been killed.

It Is Effective, But A Few Points Must Be Considered

While there is no doubt that bone marrow transplant is an important part of cancer treatment, we have to bear in mind that it also is a major decision. Though the procedure may not be too complicated and painful, a few things must be considered before going in for bone marrow transplant. We are sharing some issues that need to be addressed before and after bone marrow transplant procedure.

The Problem Of Side Effects

While some people suffer from minor and manageable side effects arising out of bone marrow transplant, there are others who could suffer from serious side effects. A few of them are being listed below:

There have been instances where the new cells don’t take hold in the body or graft. There is always the risk of graft-versus-host diseases. This is all the more possible if the patient has been given donated stem cells. There also is the risk of infections and many women have complained of infertility and reduce sex drive. A few women also have stated that they reach menopause much earlier in their lives. There also have been instances where some patients have developed new forms of cancers. Organ damage is also a problem with the bone marrow transplant.

There are also some side effects that are caused because of the preservatives used in bone marrow transplant. This could include nausea, headaches, shortness of breath, and it also could leave behind a bad taste in the mouth.

Importance Of Caregiving

Caregiving is an important part of a bone marrow transplant. The preparation and recovery process could be long and time-consuming. It might call for being off from your work and if you are a homemaker, then you may not be able to care for your family as you do during normal times. Regular activities might also have to be curbed immediately after the transplant. This is because the immune system might become compromised post-bone marrow transplant. You must, therefore, have somebody to take care of your health until such time you recover. A family member should be there for this or you should have a trusted and loved friend. While paid professionals and caregivers are an option, you need somebody with love, empathy and sympathy and money alone may not be able to buy these attributes.

Finally, costs and insurance are also matters that should be taken into account. We need to understand that bone marrow transplant is usually associated with and is a part of cancer treatment. Hence, you must be prepared for the long haul and the costs that come with it should also be taken into account.

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